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about me. 


about me. 

Hi, I am Victoria! Here is a wee bit about me and my experience. I studied at Edge Hill University, and graduated from MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy - contemporary creative approaches. I have over 1000 clinical practice hours, working across various different settings, including private and charity organisations. Through my private practice, I work remotely via Teams or telephone. I work with men, women, non-binary people and the LGBTQIA+ community. 

My approach to therapy draws upon theories from humanistic psychotherapy. Humanistic counselling and psychotherapy believes that people have their own internal wisdom, and are intrinsically 'good' and trying their best. Therefore, I make sure that you feel valued and accepted in the therapy room, so that you can cultivate the confidence to come to your own conclusions and make your own decisions. Growth and healing is a complex process, and I want to ensure you feel supported and held throughout the journey. 

This type of therapy is also for you if you are open to trying different ways of self-expression e.g. through doodling, collage, or exploration of movement. Sometimes, it can be hard to articulate a feeling, emotion or thought, and being able to express yourself creatively may help you on your journey to make sense of your internal experiences. Creative work is invitational, talking may be enough for you. 

I also specialise in working with women's issues, including low self-esteem, discrimination, sexual trauma, patriarchal issues, past experience of domestic abuse, eating disorders, body image issues, infertility, new motherhood and post-partum depression. I want to create space and honour these very real experiences for women, so that they can find their own voice, break out of old patterns and move forward in an authentic way. 

my qualifications.

Master's Degree in MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy with Contemporary creative approaches

Certification in Mental Health First Aid training 

Certification in Conflict Resolution 

Certification in Counselling for Children and Adolescence (Lead Academy)

Certification in Working with Shame (Carolyn Springs)  

Certification in Trauma - informed practice

Certification in Effective Couples Counselling Training 

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What clients say.
"Victoria is great at what she does. I felt comfortable from the beginning and the sessions worked perfectly for what I wanted and needed. She is welcoming and open, I believe this helped me talk about what I needed to, and it created an environment in which you feel comfortable."
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